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South Pacific Fabrics launches the new collection from Pollack

Colour, texture and story are the themes celebrated in Folklore, the Spring 2018 collection of 30 designs from Pollack. This new range includes a mini-collection, Undaunted, which features eleven patterns resulting from a collaboration with the renowned Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Pollack Studio’s designers were influenced visually by its vast ethnographic textile collections, and personally by the spirit in which the museum was created - the artisans are believed to be carriers of culture, and their handwork is considered a vehicle to communicate unique and shared identities. Each of the Pollack designs in Undaunted is reimagined from a piece in the museum. Focusing on the grid geometry that underpins hand stitching and hand weaving, the studio has transformed each ancient design into a completely modern textile using a fresh eye and twenty-first century techniques. The complete Folklore range also includes new hospitality and outdoor lines and is available to view now in our showrooms, with a portion of the proceeds from Undaunted benefitting the Museum of International Folk Art.

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