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The Process

Planning and budgeting for your Window Furnishings can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home. We often find clients leaving the selection of their Window Furnishings until the last minute.
This can lead to a compromise in the desired outcome. 


The key to the best Window Furnishing design, is achieving a happy median between function and aesthetics.
There are so many gorgeous options. For example if you decide on motorising your internal or external Window Furnishings, ideally you need to consider the electrical as a provision to be implemented during the building process. Building bulkheads to conceal hardware is also a consideration when finalising the architectural design of your home.

Step 1 – Contact Us.

Phone or email us to discuss your project requirements, and we will arrange your onsite consultation 

with one of our experienced Window Furnishing Designers. 
If you have a particular product in mind (preferred fabric type, specific colours etc),
please let us know, and we can prepare and showcase the vast range of options from our mobile showroom.
Step 2 – Onsite Meeting & Measure.

One of our trained Window Furnishing Designers, will meet with you on site to run through your project. Here we shall discuss and finalise products, fabrics and technical detailing.
Your designer will collect measurements to prepare your quotation

Step 3 – Quotation.

Once your design brief has been refined, we will then provide you with a detailed quotation via email.

We look forward to meeting & working with you soon! 

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