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Molly Mahon

Molly Mahon is a British company that designs, creates and offers beautiful and original fabrics, wallpapers and functional art pieces for the home. Fusing influences from the 20th century block printers in England with ethnic designs from around the world, Molly's personal aesthetic offers the consumer textiles, wallpapers and homewares that are colour, orginal and unique.

Molly carves her own designs in lino in her workshop at home and works with highly skilled craftsmen in Jaipur who interpret her designs and create the blocks in sisam wood. The process of carving the design by hand whether in lino or wood is unique and distinct to the carver. Molly prints bespoke orders and all the paper that is used to wrap stationery and lampshades, in her workshop in Sussex. The wallpapers and fabrics are careful reproductions using modern technology to print to a standard that is able to capture the character and appearance of block printed designs.

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